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Minimix preview Deep House Yoga session by Dj Nartakah on Mixcloud

Deep House Yoga Sessions

Een combinatie van 2 passies…muziek en yoga. Tijdens een Deep House Yoga Sessie reizen we door ons lichaam en onze geest op de soothing beats van DJ Nartakah.

Visit: www.deephouseyoga.be

Dive into the unknown…

Something for your mind your body, and your soul. It’s the power to arouse curiosity. The purpose, the goal which one acts on. A journey of force hot like the sun, and wet like the rain. Rhythmatic movements in unison with others prolong an act of sensation with no limits or boundaries. Eternity is past, wrong is right. It’s the point of greatest intensity. Pleasures of the highest sense. Feeling of warmth and security. Willing and unwilling sensations of the mind. A condition: the ultimate seduction. The realm.